SSIS Maintenance Script


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Ben on :

Thanks for putting this together. It worked great for me.

Ben on :

Mark, I am thinking about writing a sqlservercentral article on my ssisdb problems. I would like to include a link to your blog as I have found it very help. Please let me know if I have permission to include a link.

Mark Tassin on :

Go for it. I'm a big fan of SSC

pavi on :

how do i add the below code to the

declare @retention_window_length int

select @retention_window_length = cast(property_value as int) from [catalog].[catalog_properties] where property_name = 'RETENTION_WINDOW'

exec [internal].[cleanup_server_retention_window_bottomup] @retention_window_length = @retention_window_length

to the main script..i mean in which location should i add this script..can i run this script seperately in the database?

Mark Tassin on :

What you could do is add

IF @retention_window_length IS NULL SELECT @retention_window_length = cast(property_value as int) from [catalog].[catalog_properties] where property_name='RETENTION_WINDOW'

right after the variable declares in the stored proc.

Also modify the @retention_window_legnth parameter to have = NULL as part of its definition.

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